Decorative Interiors


OTTOCENTO the warm beauty of velvet on your walls. The original one since 1998. An ecological decorative paint reproducing an effect similar to that of velvet, according to the angle at which light hits the surface. Used in the past for mansions and prestigious houses to ensure elegant and exclusive settings. OTTOCENTO, at present and in the future, to characterize contemporary surfaces. Also available in matt version. Product certified in class “A+” under emissions classifications (Decree of the Official French Gazette dated 19th April 2011).


ENCANTO Eco-friendly decorative paint, ideal for creating reflective shades that change according to the light. Since 2006, the original metallic effect on the wall, versatile, capable to create different hues while maintaining our principles of eco-friendliness and well-being.


IMPERIUM is an ecological decorative paint to be used indoors or outdoors, which recreates the special effects that come from precious metals, both in a shiny metallic and matte version with a range of colours and textures depending on the tool used . Imperium lends sumptuousness and prestige to contemporary environments, enriching them with precious elements from history, creating new surfaces That are full of energy, embellishing walls and interior furniture in a unique, Original way. The product is washable and scratch resistant, non-inflammable and formaldehyde- free.


KREOS Eco-friendly acrylic and decorative paint for indoor use. The original since 2001. Its main innovation makes it possible to reproduce fabrics and textures on the wall, giving the surface a distinctive character, which, in addition to other products, depending on the angle of reflected light, creates elegant and exclusive effects.


Classic decorative stucco re-evoking Italian Renaissance culture's beuaty and charm, providing richness and elegance to every kind of room. Ecological, based on natural lime, handcrafted, offers the different declinations from the glossy mirrored to the semigloss, matt with continuous marble surfaces. It ensures maximum transpiration and facilitates the natural diffusion of humidity through plaster and masonry, avoiding moulds and bacteria.

Travertino Romano

TRAVERTINO The beauty of nature, the strength of natural stone, an eco-friendly innovation by Oikos. Since 2004, it has been using powdered quarry waste, with the addition of mixed binders, to form a creamy paste that, when applied on the wall, reproduces the same natural texture without altering its characteristics.


CEMENTO MATERICO Strongly impact-resistant coating, composed of natural eco-friendly raw materials obtained from the processing waste of limestone quarries and stones that are later micronized. Applied by spatula on the surface, it recreates the effects of cement.