BIOCOMPACT ELASTIC Elastomeric coating with compact acrylsiloxane spatulate effect that does not create a film during the drying stage. It prevents the formation of algae and moulds, is water-repellent, breathable and with excellent adherence even on the most challenging substrates such as ceramic and glass. Available in three grain sizes: 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.5. Available in 600 hues resistant to the action of UV rays.

Biocompact PC229

Biocompact PC229 doesn’t require a primer, it can be applied directly on the wall and has a finer grain of 0.5mm

Biocompact PC229 can also be used in interiors especially in washroom ceilings and other wet areas to protect and avoid mold and algae formation.


NEOQUARZ Fine quartz mineral water-based paint, with a matt effect for outdoor use, water-repellent, fast drying and high yield. Available in 600 hues resistant to the action of UV rays.

Novalis Ferromicaceo

NOVALIS FERROMICACEO A micaceous enamel that protects and gives surfaces the appearance of antique wrought iron. It is used as a decorative material or decorative finish being capable to create multiple effects.