Technical Products

Il Primer

IL PRIMER Anchoring fixative with excellent penetration characteristics, strengthens the substrate. Ideal for rustic plasters, gypsum plasters, alkaline plasters, chalky and not very compact plasters, old wall surfaces and, in general, very porous substrates.


BLANKOR Filler and bonding agent with high adherence for outdoor surfaces, smoothing, covering, acrylic, eco-friendly, with strong yield and economic savings. Pigmented in 600 hues resistant to the action of UV rays.

Elastrong Stucco

ELASTRONG STUCCO is special elastic filler for exteriors with a smooth matt finish. Its special formula consists of acrylic elastomers in water dispersion, synthetic fibers and anti shrinkage inert fillers. The product is easy to apply, has excellent adhesion to substrate and outstanding elasticity preventing at the same time the development of mould and algae. It is ideal for smoothing and filling substrates subject to cracks and fissures, on concrete plasters, reinforced concrete, prefab panels and fiber cement. It has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.


FUNDGRAP by OIKOS is a special primer, ideal for surfaces where adhesion is difficult such as zinc laminates, wood, PVC, plastic laminates and aluminum. The product conforms to the norm DIN 53 778, has a low level of odour is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.


Neofix Transparent acrylic fixative for indoor use featuring high penetration (up to 5 mm): it reinforces chalky and highly absorbent walls, old plasters, chalk finish and fibre cement walls.


Transparent and hygro-hardening protective product, ideal for substrates subject to abrasion indoors. Scratch-proof, available in glossy or satin version.


PROTETTIVO PER STUCCO E MARMORINO Transparent protective designed specifically for stucco. Easy to apply, it makes the surface on which the water-repellent product is applied, non-yellowing, resistant to washing and rubbing.


NEOKRYLL Universal acrylic bonding fixative for outdoor use, with excellent yield and high adherence. It reinforces surfaces subject to chalking, chalk finish and new wall surfaces.

Stucco in Pasta per Rasatura

PASTE SCREED FOR WALLS Ready-to-use putty, easy to apply, perfect adhesion and good elasticity. Suitable for smoothing and grouting on internal walls, on mineral substrates such as civil plasters, rustic and prefabricated panels, it is also particularly suitable for cracked walls.